Lincoln Book Nominated for Prestigious Prize


Congratulations to historian and educator Michael Hogan, whose book about Abraham Lincoln’s support for Mexico has been nominated for a prestigious prize in the United States. Here’s the relevant part of the letter received by Dr. Hogan’s publisher just before Christmas:

“The School of Public Affairs and the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University are pleased to inform you that the book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships by Michael Hogan (2016) has been nominated for the 2016 William M. LeoGrande Prize for the best book on U.S.-Latin American relations.”

This prize is awarded annually to the author or editor of a book published in Spanish, English or Portuguese during the preceding two years. You can click here to learn more about the prize and the distinguished scholar for which it is named.

The Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) is based on Dr. Hogan’s book, which Amazon ranks as one of the most relevant books about Abraham Lincoln biography and history. The project has the following goals:

  1. To promote better relations between the United States and Mexico.
  2. To help integrate the story of Abraham Lincoln and Mexico into high school and university curricula around the world.
  3. To bring the history of Abraham Lincoln and Mexico to a general audience.
  4. To show how national histories have international implications that are often ignored.
  5. To disseminate the international contributions of Abraham Lincoln to a global audience.

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Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-1-33-3676-5897