Center for Lincoln Studies features Dr. Hogan article

Good news! The new Center for Lincoln Studies in Springfield, Illinois, has a guest article by historian Michael Hogan about Abraham Lincoln’s legacy of support for Mexico. The first line “Lincoln and Juarez: A Hope for Renewal” at the top of this post contains the embedded link to see the full article, which coincides with the official opening of the new Center.

The Center contacted Dr. Hogan to request the article after a professor at the University of Illinois in Springfield alerted the director of the Center to Dr. Hogan’s 2016 book “Abraham Lincoln and Mexico” that is in the Lincoln presidential library. In response to the director’s request, Dr. Hogan also arranged to send a print copy of his book from Henselstone Verlag LLC, the academic small press in Virginia that publishes and distributes the book.

Here’s the full hyperlink to the article so you can share it with others.