We’re celebrating five years!

The Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) turned five years old in the summer of 2021, and we’re celebrating by improving the site.

First, the improved site has five new pages that make it easier to find content in different categories. You can see the names of the pages in the menu at the top of the site: Books & Reviews, US / Mexico, Videos, News Media, and Lincoln Links. Just click on the page names to explore the new pages.

Second, we’ve added the 2020 history book Guns, Grit, and Glory by historian Michael Hogan to the site. It’s a follow-up to Dr. Hogan’s 2016 history book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico that was the basis for launching LAMP. You can see more detailed information about both books by clicking the link for the page Books & Reviews.

We’re starting to promote the new improved LAMP site with the LAMP newsletter and on social media, so watch your inbox and our Facebook page.

Heads up — We’re working on another new page for the site that focuses on content for educators and students to stimulate discussion. Hopefully, it will be ready in early September for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year when most schools and colleges across the USA resume classroom education. It will focus on content applicable for social studies courses from middle school to college and will include lesson plans and a three-act student play.

We’re also planning a post soon updating the availability of Dr. Hogan’s books in schools, colleges, and libraries around the world, and a post about members of the LAMP Advisory Council.

Thank you again for visiting our site and following LAMP on our Facebook page. As always, we welcome your feedback by sending us an email to lamp@lincolnandmexicoproject.org.

Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: lamp@lincolnandmexicoproject.org. USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-33-3676-5897

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