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Image courtesy of The Dallas Morning News

Since its publication in 2016, the book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico by historian Michael Hogan has received attention from news media in the USA, Mexico, and Europe. In addition, some news media have taken another look at the Mexican-American War and what it can teach us about relationships between countries. This page of our site has selected news media articles with hyperlinks to the sources.

The Smithsonian Magazine online published a feature article in February 2017 looking at the book and Dr. Hogan’s insights about the importance of Lincoln’s actions supporting Mexico as a congressman and as the president. “Though most of this history has receded in the national memories of both countries, Hogan believes that Lincoln’s principled leadership and friendship—outspoken in the 1840s, tacit in the 1860s—created a pathway for mutually respectful relations well into the future.”

The Dallas Morning News published a full-page op-ed article by Dr. Hogan in August 2019 (see photo above) urging educators to reflect on Lincoln’s support for Mexico to help students deal with anti-Mexico prejudice. As the article stated, “A failure to teach the full and complex 19th-century history of the U.S. and Mexico in U.S. classrooms has resulted in ignorance that helps feed anti-Mexico prejudice. Some textbooks today use terms such as ‘Westward Expansion,’ which obscure how and why the U.S. used its military superiority to acquire nearly half of Mexico as a result of the war.”

An article by The New York Times in April 2017 examined the war, focusing on a potential lawsuit claiming that the USA broke the 1848 treaty. The complete 1848 treaty is in Dr. Hogan’s book, which discusses how the US reneged on key treaty provisions before Senate ratification. The effort to consider a lawsuit against the United States is led by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, the highly respected founder of the PRD (Mexico’s liberal party) and former presidential candidate. 

February 2017 produced news media attention from two sources about the Mexican-American War and Dr. Hogan’s book. One scholarly online article by university professor Jason Silverman on the website for the historic Lincoln Cottage in Washington, DC, even borrowed the phrase “unlikely friendships” from the title of Dr. Hogan’s book.

An article in the February 2017 issue of Latina magazine online featured a short interview with Dr. Hogan about respect for Lincoln in Latin America.

The History News Network published an online article in October of 2016 about U.S. political thinking that led to the Mexican-American War in 1846, with reverberations in the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.