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Factual information on the LAMP site comes from a variety of trusted sources. In addition, two history books by Michael Hogan contain historical information from archival sources with extensive footnotes about each source. Here is the basic information for each book along with a sample of reviews by news media and educators.

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships. September 12, 2016, 362 pages including appendix and index. ISBN 9780996955478

“American historian Michael Hogan makes a bold claim. He says that Abraham Lincoln is in no small part responsible for the United States being blessed for many generations with an essentially friendly nation to the south—this despite a history that includes the United States annexation and conquest of Mexican territory from Texas to California in the 1840s, and the nations’ chronic border and immigration tensions.” — Smithsonian Magazine. You can see the full article at

“Michael Hogan’s important new study of US expansionist policy in the mid-nineteenth century provides an illuminating and unvarnished account of United States imperialist ambitions vis-à-vis Mexico. It is also a spirited defense against and rebuttal of simplistic thinking about Abraham’s Lincoln’s ideas about slavery, Mexico, and American hegemony. Hogan sets the record straight on these and other controversial historical matters, and… offers a positive way forward in considering Mexican-American relations. –Robert DiYanni, Professor, Center for the Advancement of Teaching, New York University

“Michael Hogan, in Abraham Lincoln and Mexico, brings together a passion for Mexico and an understanding of the United States during the nineteenth century. There is a scope about this book that finds a kind of grandeur in the events as they are eloquently described.” –William H. Beezley, Professor of History, University of Arizona. Author of The Essential Mexico (Oxford University Press).

Guns, Grit, and Glory: How the US and Mexico came together to defeat the last Empire in the Americas. January 26, 2020, 294 pages including index. ISBN 9780996955485

“This incredible book provides the reader with a vivid story that should attract thousands of readers. In addition, it will provide the community of history scholars with ideas for advanced research into this neglected period of our mutual histories.” –John Mason Hart, Moores Professor of Mexican History, Emeritus, The University of Houston

“Michael Hogan, the author of Abraham Lincoln and Mexico, now tells the compelling story of how the United States and Mexico collaborated to oust the French from Mexico, topple Maximilian from his throne, and make possible the rebirth of the Mexican Republic. It serves as a timely reminder of the intertwined history of all three nations.” –Don H. Doyle, McCausland Professor of History, Emeritus University of South Carolina

Both books are published by Henselstone Verlag LLC, a small press in Virginia focused on scholarship in publishing history books. They are available for purchase online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores via