Videos about Lincoln’s support for Mexico

Videos about the book “Abraham Lincoln and Mexico” help understand how the book informs and educates people about Lincoln’s legacy of support for Mexico as a congressman and as president.

One of the most important parts of the book examines Lincoln’s “Spot Resolutions” that challenged reasons cited by President Polk to get the Congress to declare war on Mexico in 1846. Historian/ educator Michael Hogan, author of the book, explains the context in this short video:

Lincoln presented the resolutions in a floor speech as first-term member of the House of Representatives during which he alleged the war was unconstitutional. The president condemned his remarks and many in the news media vilified him. Watching the video and reading Lincoln’s words from archival records in the book’s appendix help people understand the courage of his convictions.

During the past four years, the Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) has created several videos based on discussions of the book. As we begin our fifth year this summer, we’re posting links to the videos to reach more people. We hope you enjoy the videos and will share them with others.

Best regards, and thanks for your continued interested in LAMP activities.