Joint Efforts with Mexican Consulates


Adriana Bacelis Sotomayor (2nd from left), cultural attaché of the consulate in San Diego, and consulate assistant Carolina Segura (2nd from right) welcomed LAMP co-founder Mikel Miller and his wife Maria Eléna Martinez

One important part of the Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) is working with Mexican consulates in the USA. Together, we hope to improve relations between the USA and Mexico with outreach efforts to elected officials, educators, community leaders, and the news media.

To further this cooperation, we’re meeting with consulate officials in San Diego, Washington DC, and New York City during January 2017. The efforts are aimed at arranging presentations by historian educator Michael Hogan about Lincoln’s legacy in supporting Mexico, based on his book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico. Thanks to former Mexican ambassador Carlos Gonzalez-Magallon for arranging the meetings.

Changing USA public perceptions about Mexico is a major focus of Marcela Celorio, the new Consul General in San Diego, who assumed her duties in mid-2016 and immediately began building better relationships with elected and community leaders across the San Diego region. She’s a career diplomat who has represented Mexico in Brussels, Tel Aviv, New York City and Washington, D.C., and calls herself a “cross-border consul.” You can see more about her energetic outreach efforts by reading a feature article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In a far-ranging meeting January 5 at the consulate, cultural attaché Adriana Bacelis Sotomayor agreed to consider cross border presentations in San Diego and Tijuana in the coming months that feature Dr. Hogan and the book. We’ll keep you posted on events and schedules, and hope to include followers of the Lincoln and Mexico Project in some of the activities.

By the way, Amazon ranks Dr. Hogan’s book very high for relevancy among almost 3,300 titles about Abraham Lincoln Biography and History. If you don’t already have a copy, order one now to learn more about Lincoln’s support for Mexico as Congressman and President. Or give it as a gift to someone for Lincoln’s birthday February 12 so others can learn more about his legacy as an international statesman.

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Author: LAMP

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