Guadalajara students inspired the book

APUSH2014-cropRemember the 2012 movie “Lincoln” that won two Oscars? Omissions in the movie prompted classroom discussions in a Guadalajara, Mexico, high school and inspired the professor to research and write the new book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico. Here’s the very interesting backstory.

It began with a simple question by historian and educator Dr. Michael Hogan in the Advanced Placement US History course (APUSH) he was teaching at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara.  The students had just seen an early screening of the movie and the professor wanted to know what they learned about Mexico from the film, especially since Hogan’s course was covering Lincoln’s life and examining his relationships with Mexico.

“Nada,” was the collective response. Not a word. Click here to read the interesting article in The Guadalajara Reporter describing what happened next, and during the three years leading up to publication of Hogan’s impressive book this year.



Official launch of print versions

September 12, 2016, is the official publication day for the USA print version of Abraham Lincoln and MexicoThe Kindle version launched May 13 on Amazon to coincide with the date the US Congress declared war on Mexico in 1846. Leading up to the print publication date, we’ll post blurbs about the book from historians, educators, authors, and critics.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the poster designed to celebrate the September 20 official launch of the Latin American print version. The event will be at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara, Mexico, where  the author’s Advanced Placement US History course inspired his research and publication of the book. Stay tuned for details of the event.

Abraham Lincoln Poster-01


International acclaim from historians and authors

This is the post excerpt.

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