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Slideshow: Welcoming group at Museo Casa Juárez, arrival interview, with Mexican flag display, signing autographs, dinner with Chihuahua mayor, group interview and discussion, site visits, departure group.

Three days of successful events by the Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) in northern Mexico February 22-25 increased awareness of Abraham Lincoln’s legacy of support for Mexico as congressman and as president, and strengthened ties between the two countries.

During the events, historian and educator Michael Hogan presented the Spanish version of his book Abraham Lincoln and Mexico and discussed the book speaking in Spanish. He was interviewed in Spanish by state television hosts and on national radio. In addition, his book was presented in the State Legislative building and each of the state representatives bought a copy.

Accompanied by Cindy Medina, LAMP senior PR representative from Austin, Texas, and well-known photographer Javier Hernández, Dr. Hogan also presented his work at the Museo Casa Juárez, the exile home of the Mexican president during the regime of French puppet Emperor Maximilian. That evening, Hogan met with the mayor of Chihuahua, Maria Eugenia Campos Galvan, at a local restaurant.

The following day, he gave a one-hour lecture at the Archives de Poder Judicial Federal de Chihuahua (State Legislature Archive Building) to a group of professors, archivists, and the public followed by a book signing and discussion that last more than two hours. On the weekend, Hogan met with the head of tourism in Sauz, visited the Apache Museum, and the site of the Battle of the Sacramento River, accompanied by Ms. Medina, Mr. Hernández and his daughter Anapaula.

Before leaving on Sunday for his return to Guadalajara, he presented his work to the local Mason Lodge in Chihuahua. Benito Juárez was himself a Mason, as were many of the Liberal leaders of Mexico who fought gallantly against the French occupation and were assisted in that effort by the moral support of Abraham Lincoln and the financial support of New York bankers who purchased Mexican bonds to offset the cost of the struggle.

The visit was approved by Mr. Raul Manriquez, director of the Secretaria of Cultura of  Chihuahua, as well as Mr. Edgar Trevizo, leader in the Department of la Secretaria. Mr. Carlos Mendez Villa, leading Cultural Archivist who has been an early LAMP supporter in Chihuahua, presented the trip concept to both Mr. Manriquez and Mr. Trevizo and got it approved.

Great thanks to Mr. Edelmiro Ponce de Leon, director of Museo Casa Juarez, for the great invitation to the Museo along with a personal tour, and who participated in many of the news media interviews. During the trip, Hogan also met with Philip Stover, a retired deputy superintendent of the San Diego public school system who is a historian and now lives in the the state of Chihuahua, and who participated in some interviews and events.

You can see a video of one interview and discussion in Spanish by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/vocesdemiregion/videos/1371478162958792/?t=656. And you can see more photos by visiting the Facebook page for the book at https://www.facebook.com/MexicoLincoln/.

By the way, the book is available in Spanish on Amazon, and also available in English on Amazon, along with an English version audiobook.

Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: lamp@lincolnandmexicoproject.org. USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-33-3676-5897

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