New York and El Paso -What a Week!


LAMP representatives in New York City and El Paso in meetings with officials of Mexican Consulates, public officials, and officials from the BorderPlex Alliance.

Representatives of the Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) met with Mexican consulates and elected public officials and community leaders in New York City and El Paso January 31-February 3 to begin working together on presentations about Abraham Lincoln’s support for Mexico.

During the same week, the largest circulation English-language magazine in Mexico published an amazing in-depth review for the book “Abraham Lincoln and Mexico” by historian and educator Michael Hogan, which forms the basis for the international project.

In New York City, Consul General Diego Gómez Pickering and his senior staff accepted complimentary copies of the book from LAMP co-founder Mikel Miller and his wife Maria Elena Martinez as a prelude to public presentations by Dr. Hogan. Venues suggested by Emb. Gómez, Consul for Public Affairs Carlos Gerardo Izzo, and Assistant Varinia Robles include the popular Mexican Mondays forum at Columbia University.

In El Paso, Consul General Marcos Bucio Mújica and Cultural Attaché Patricia Luna accepted a complimentary copy from LAMP representative Cindy A. Medina February 3. Emb. Bucio pledged his cooperation, and follow-up meetings will focus on several venue options.

Also in El Paso, Ms. Medina presented a copy of the book to Cynthia Cano, District Director for Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Cano and Medina discussed various possible venues for presentations, including a USA-Mexico Border Summit scheduled this fall. Then Ms. Medina met with Mr. Marcos Delgado, EVP Operations/Business Development of The Borderplex Alliance. They had an enthusiastic meeting to exchange many great ideas, including a possible presentation by Dr. Hogan in the Sun City as early as April. And Ms. Medina presented a copy to the El Paso central Public Library.

Thanks to everybody who is supporting the LAMP activities as we expand across the USA and Mexico city by city. If you are interested in helping LAMP arrange presentations in your area, just post a visitor comment on the blog or send an email to You can also click here to connect with us on the Facebook page for the book.


Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-33-3676-5897

2 thoughts on “New York and El Paso -What a Week!”

  1. Thanks to Sito Negrón of El Paso for posting this very positive article on former mayor Bill Tilney´s Facebook.

    Roberto Camp
    Mexico City


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