Must Read for Any Student Studying US History


Historian/ educator Michael Hogan (l) meets with Advanced Placement educator Liam O’Hara regarding Hogan’s award-winning book being used as supplemental classroom material

Around the world, more than 400,000 students take the Advanced Placement US History exam each year, making it one of the most popular AP exams. The new book examining Abraham Lincoln’s support for Mexico originated in an AP US History classroom, and the book has received very positive feedback from educators and students in both the USA and Mexico.

If you’re an educator interested in learning more about how to use Abraham Lincoln and Mexico as supplemental classroom material, just send an email to historian / educator Michael Hogan who wrote the book. His email is, and his website is And ask him about a special discount price from his USA publisher for educators and students.

Here’s some feedback from one AP teacher:Abraham Lincoln and Mexico is a great read. As an AP teacher, I believe that books like these are worth their weight in gold. Michael Hogan has not only broken ground on undiscovered sources covering Lincoln’s relationship with Mexico, but has also generously annexed the sources in their entirety. It is a godsend for history teachers who are constantly looking for new material and ways to challenge their students’ analytical skills.” Liam O’Hara, Chair, Department of History and Social Studies, American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.

And here’s some great feedback by a former AP student in an Amazon review: “As a Hispanic student from Mexico I remember taking Advanced Placement U.S. History during my junior year of high-school. When we finally got to study the different causes and consequences of the Civil War, I remember always looking forward to hearing about Lincoln and how he managed to resolve so many different political dilemmas under very precarious circumstances. However, the textbook that I read never mentioned some sort of relationship between Lincoln and Mexico. The only mention of Lincoln having something to do with Mexico was his famous Spot Resolutions in the spring of 1846.

That is why this new insight provided by Dr. Michael Hogan was so shocking and delightfully surprising for me. It revealed new facts about Lincoln’s involvement in Mexican politics which I was unaware of. I would’ve wished to have read this book as a supplement while I was taking the course back in high-school. Apart from all the great historical wisdom that this book has to offer, the book itself is clearly well organized and the research conducted by Dr. Hogan is superb. There are supporting real-life documents for every claim made and if you get the e-book version as I did, it’s very easy to navigate around the documents.

Overall, a must read for any student that is currently studying U.S. history and is a fan of Abraham Lincoln especially if you live in Mexico and want to know more about how this courageous president played a crucial role in Mexican politics.”

You can click here to read the full 5-star review on Amazon.

Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-1-33-3676-5897

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