I sincerely hope this valuable book gains wide notice.


4.0 out of 5 stars ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND MEXICO: A History of Courage, Intrigue, and Unlikely Friendships. Amazon review, August 18, 2016, by D. Grant Fitter, author, City of Promises. Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase.

“This work, a re-visioning of history’s story of US intrusion upon Mexican sovereignty in the 1840s, is an important one. There have been other published accounts of President Polk, his egoistic Manifest Destiny platform, the notion of American exceptionalism and the contrived invasion of Mexico. Those I have seen seem to glorify “Polk-ish” logic and behaviour.

When it comes to Polk’s move against a weakened neighbor, the popular historical accounts of the Mexican-American war avoid the unsavoury facts. Hogan does not. Evidently Abraham Lincoln didn’t either. 

This is ultimately a story about the author’s dismay over popular US historical sentiment suppressing an ugly black mark on United States diplomacy. Digging deep into the documented record of Abraham Lincoln times, Dr. Hogan builds a solid case to boldly state the truth of how United States acted illegally to take a massive swath of Mexican territory for no other reason than President Polk wanted it and United States could take it. I sincerely hope this valuable book gains wide notice.”

Author: LAMP

Co-founder of the Lincoln and Mexico Project. Email: lamp@lincolnandmexicoproject.org. USA: 619-246-4342. MX: +52-1-33-3676-5897

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